Overseas Students

The 2View Personalised Service

At 2View, we understand that being away from home can be very difficult. This is in addition to the demands of a new environment and the unfamiliarity of a new culture – everything may seem so foreign in a new country! Well, this is where the 2View personalised service comes in – a one-to-one service second to none!

We pride ourselves on offering a first class personalised service – our highly trained and courteous staffs deliver a friendly, professional and refreshingly honest service to our clients.

Our staff is multicultural and multi-lingual – we have a team that speaks Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Kutcchi. When dealing with us regarding your accommodation, you will never feel like you are dealing with strangers. Because we understand your cultural backgrounds and needs, you will feel at home when dealing with 2View staff. We can arrange for the type of housing YOU want – a choice of where and who to live with, for example, if you prefer an all-female/all-male flat, we can arrange for that as we understand the needs of different cultures and groups. You can therefore be assured that you will live and study in an environment that is suitable to you and your unique needs.

At 2View, we will ensure that all your accommodation and living needs are taken care of, from providing you with:

  • A meet and greet service and transportation from the local Airport/Coach station/ Train station to your accommodation when you arrive in the country.
  • Providing a temporary accommodation for 1-2 Nights for the students at minimal rates so that you have a place to stay and relax when you view the accommodation options and can choose the one you are comfortable with.
  • Helping you with various issues that will make you feel at ease while being a student here.
  • Assisting you with filling in complex forms, National Insurance Number (N.I No.), bank account forms, Part time work form filling etc.
  • Show you around your local area, the affordable yet best places to shop for exotic ‘desi’ foods and other consumables, show you the location of mandir, masjid, church or the gurudwara.
  • Assist you with other essential stuff such as guidance on opening a bank account is among other things.
  • As a student is allowed to work 20 hours per week legally, we may be able to assist you in finding work as our company owns other businesses like Travel agency (International/local flights), furniture, food courts, takeaways etc. Hence we are capable of assisting you in finding a part time job that will help you in bearing your day to day expenses during your stay.
  • All this is done with your comfort in mind, in a manner that will make you feel at home right here in Leeds!

Our location in Hyde Park is central to the service we provide to you. Hyde Park is very close to the Universities and is a short walk away from the Leeds City Centre. From the temples and mosques in the area to the numerous supermarkets that specialise in exotic and international foods, Hyde Park is a student area that is truly multicultural and international in the amenities it provides. 2View has a unique knowledge of the local area and a recognition in the community making it a well-respected entity thereby ensuring that you are in capable hands.

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